The JadeAnne Stone Mexico Adventures

On the mend from a gunshot wound in Mexico City, investigator JadeAnne Stone needs to get Lily, the trafficked fifteen-year-old she rescued, back to her family in the U.S. But within hours of her release from the hospital she recognizes her nemesis, Anibal Aguirre trolling her neighborhood in a black SUV.
Reeling from her breakup and dreading the emptiness at home, JadeAnne Stone and her dog, Pepper, head toMexico City. Recruited by the alluring Anibal to assist in a purported DEA investigation lands JadeAnne in amaze of human trafficking, double dealing and violence. Help comes from Senator Aguirre’s associate, Jackman Quint, but at the cost of everything JadeAnne believes about her own life.
When JadeAnne Stone and her German shepherd, Pepper, are kidnapped off a lonely highway in Mexico en route to locate a banker’s missing wife, she unwittingly enters a world of high-stakes oil politics, money laundering, and El Narco’s grab for power. JadeAnne finds the missing wife and realizes she’s been set up.

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