The Hydra Effect

Reeling from her breakup and dreading the emptiness at home, JadeAnne Stone and her dog, Pepper, head toMexico City. Recruited by the alluring Anibal to assist in a purported DEA investigation lands JadeAnne in amaze of human trafficking, double dealing and violence. Help comes from Senator Aguirre’s associate, Jackman Quint, but at the cost of everything JadeAnne believes about her own life. Can she trust Quint? She uncovers the truth, but not before facing the ultimate betrayal.

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Audible coming this fall read by Jan M. Flynn

What people are saying about The Hydra Effect

“The Hydra Effect sizzles with action, tension, and peril. Great writing combined with regional flare and international intrigue make this sequel a delightful ride!”
— Lisa Towles, Award-winning author ofChoke and The Unseen

“JadeAnne heads to Mexico City for a break from her partner and now ex-boyfriend. But her sharp intelligence, curiosity and inability to stay in her own lane land her in a snarl of trouble. In short order she’s evading drug cartel thugs, uncovering a human trafficking network and confronting high-level Mexican politicos with questionable connections, all in a lushly realized setting one can just about smell. And taste – JadeAnne might be in the middle of a gunfight, but she’s never immune to the temptation of a good plate of tacos al pastor. She and her loyal dog Pepper are a team you can’t help but cheer for.”
— Jan M. Flynn, award winning author

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