Coyote Terror and Pursuit Across the Border

With Senator Aguirre dead, JadeAnne and Quint turn to Human rights activist Rosi and the US ambassador for help returning trafficked Lily to her family. Quint inherits a building from the senator. JadeAnne and team leave the Cathouse for the new digs. Within hours they are attacked by nemesis Anibal in an attempt to re-kidnap the women and complete the sale to Los Zetas. Quint holds Anibal in a storage room awaiting extradition by the U.S. marsh

Rosi arranges a meeting with Ambassador Garza, who’s reluctant to help, but agrees to apply for a passport at Rosi’s insistence. Their plans are foiled when Garza reneges. Anibal’s cohorts attempt a rescue, and JadeAnne learns who’s behind the trafficking scheme. Horacio and Chucho join the team and Quint hires private security guards. Against orders, Jade leaves the residence to attend the Independence Day celebrations with lover Dylan, his brother and fiancée, Dafne, and puts her friends in danger. 

After another attack, Garza loans Quint two marines from the embassy for protection, but Nader isn’t a marine. He’s a spook, an acquaintance of Quint’s from his military service. No one trusts Nader, yet Quint takes him into his confidence.

 The attacks continue as JadeAnne, Rosi and new ally, Dafne develop plan B—a border crossing led by a coyote in Rosi’s trafficked persons rescue network. On the morning of Jade’s and Lily’s crossing, an attempt is made to kidnap Lily. They cross, but at the end of the drainage pipe, the coyote disappears and JadeAnne recognizes the voices. It’s a trap. Life and liberty are at stake and the chase north is on. Will JadeAnne deliver on her promise to see Lily to safety in time? Or will they be trafficked into slavery and degradation?

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